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Personal Digital Breathalyzers Save Lifes!

alcohawk-breathalyzer-elite-q3i4000When I found out you could buy Personal Digital Breathalyzers to carry and check to see if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is too high to get behind the wheel I thought it was really cool! Thats why I’ve featured these cool Digital Breathalyzers at TheCoolGadget Blog.

Do you often find yourself driving and wondering if you should even be behind the wheel at all? Do you know someone else that does? STOP the guesswork! Buy a Personal Digital Breathalyzer for yourself or a loved one and be able to monitor if you’re okay to drive. There’s a wide range of Personal Breathalyzers on the market to choose from. Some are more sophisticated and more accurate than others. Some are strictly for personal use and others are intended to be used profesionally by Police and law enforcement and are much more expensive.

According to there are three types of Alcohol Breathalyzers depending on what the method by which the Blood Alcohol Content or BAC is measured. There are three major types of breath alcohol testing devices, and they’re based on different principles:
Breathalyzer – Uses a chemical reaction involving alcohol that produ­ces a color change.
Intoxilyzer – Detects alcohol by infrared (IR) spectroscopy.
Alcosensor III or IV – Detects a chemical reaction of alcohol in a fuel cell.
Regardless of the type, each device has a mouthpiece, a tube through which the suspect blows air, and a sample chamber where the air goes. The rest of the device varies with the type. To read more in depth theory on Breathalyzers go here

If you or your loved ones need to know when you’re over the limit buy a Personal Breathalyzer to check your Blood Alcohol Level BEFORE you drive. Help stop a potentially dangerous situation from happening. Stop endangering yourself and others. Play it safe and know when to stop drinking or when not to drive.

To find the right one for you go to:

Personal Digital Breathalyzers

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